What is ProjecTee?

ProjecTee is a 100% risk free fundraising platform that allows anybody to create, sell and distribute high quality, custom made products on Guam effortlessly.

What's ProjecTee's Mission?

Our mission at ProjecTee is to provide every person on Guam with the opportunity to bring his or her idea to the market. Through removing all financial risks and barriers to entry into the retail market, we at ProjecTee hope to give everybody the ability to show the world who they are through either own unique products.

How did ProjecTee come to be?

ProjecTee came to life during the aftermath of Typhoon Soudelor in Saipan. During this time, it was critical to raise funds as quickly, painlessly and efficiently as possible. Our original idea to raise funds was to buy, print and sell as many shirts on Guam as possible, but unfortunately just buying and printing the shirts upfront would have cost a lot of money that wasn't available up front. So instead, we decided to pre-sell shirts online and have them printed afterwards. This received an overwhelming response with over 1500 shirts purchased, printed and sold. With that initial success, ProjecTee was born.