Here. We. Go.

Finally, a service that will jumpstart your T-shirt designing dreams is up and running. Start-up cost problems? It’s taken care of. Distribution and logistics? We’ve got it covered. Just send your design to Projectee and wait for your check to come in the mail. No cash out. No worries. Just turn your design to pure profit. (We can even design for you too.)

Wait, are you still reading this? Let's go! Start that shirt up!

How does it work?

Send your shirt design to our email address at Read More

Current Campaigns

Praise Thea Gilliam
My name is Praise Thea Gilliam, contestant #2 in the Miss Curvy Guam Pageant to be held on Wednesday, April 3, 2019 at Sheraton Laguna Guam Resort. Read More

Past Campaigns

Mister Guam 2018
The campaign is for the Mr Guam 2018 candidates raising funds to off set their expenses and for the First Lady’s Rigalu Foundation, which the Mr Guam Organization donates to every year! Read More